Manifesto against the gas warehouse in Doñana. 2016

Firma el manifiesto

Doñana is one of the most special and singular places in the world. It has been recognized as a World Heritage Site and all the honours awarded by international institutions make this territory a unique natural jewel.

Doñana is an essential element in our history and reminds us that we have to coexist with the nature surrounding us as a mark of respect for our biological diversity. It’s a full-of-life symbol of our collective identity; so, in the same way we preserve monuments as La Mezquita, La Alhambra o la Giralda, we should do it with Doñana.

Its area -128.000 hectares- its extraordinary characteristics and its numerous protected species, however, don’t protect Doñana from risks and threats.

Today Doñana is more threatened than ever by an activity incompatible with its nature and with the current regulation. After 30 years of gas extraction in the surroundings of The Park, the multinational Gas Natural Fenosa will turn Doñana’s subsoil into a huge permanent gas storehouse if we don’t stop it.

The Company has already started the first phase of this savage project in the surroundings of The Park with nobody defending our natural heritage. There are options to stop Gas Natural, but political action is needed. Unfortunately, the blackmails from the Companies have reduced the possibilities at this regard.

The environmental impact of the project “Marisma Occidental” violates the European laws but legal loopholes have continued to authorize it, with the aim of hiding the real effects of this action on Doñana and its surroundings.

Thanks to this, there isn’t a global evaluation of the synergy and cumulative effects of the project “Marisma Occidental” as a whole, but partials evaluations of the four subprojects the action has been divided in. This represents a threat, because the effects of the project on elements as essentials as water -used for human consumption, watering and for the maintenance of our beautiful settlement- haven’t been correctly analysed.

We already know the dangers of projects that don’t evaluate the risks correctly. The techniques used to inject gas in the ground can have unexpected and dangerous consequences. That was what happened to project “Castor” in Tarragona, whose balance was more than 500 earthquakes and a compensation of 1.350 euros to the Company -payed with public money- to have the project stopped. The same situation could be repeated in Doñana if the project becomes true.

The activity of gas extraction and storage on this site is not compatible with a sustainable development of Doñana and its surroundings. It puts in risk the citizen efforts, who have adapted its economic development and their ways of life to preserve Doñana. We can’t ask for less to Gas Natural because it isn’t fair.

We can’t allow the European funds that have been used in the conservation and sustainable development of Doñana to be wasted, nor to keep holding an obsolete economic model that creates few and precarious jobs and kills our natural heritage and our identity to favour the big companies.

This activity is inviable to Doñana and its surroundings, a place where the natural beauty coexists with places with a great historic, cultural or religious value, like the hermitage of ‘Virgen del Rocío’, the ‘Palacio de Doñana’, the ‘Palacio de las Marismillas’ or the ‘Palacio de Acebrón’, and where protected and symbolic species as the lynx or the imperial eagle live.

Nevertheless, this process has already been started and it requires an overwhelming and fast action by all the unions, associations, political parties, institutions and people worried for the present and future of Doñana.

Because all of this, the ‘Salvemos Doñana’ proposal has been created, and we invite you, we invite you all, to join us and combine efforts to achieve that the subsoil of Doñana won’t be at the disposal of Gas Natural and to press our institutions and politicians to defend our natural jewel for the present and future generations. Doñana is priceless and can’t be a business aim.

The Administrations have the duty of protect the heritage, and the citizens have the responsibility of defending it, that’s why we, signer people and groups:

•    We demand the Government of Junta de Andalucía to start the legal actions needed to stop the project “Marisma Occidental” ungently and under the frame of its competency.

•    We demand the Central Government to respect the “preventive measure principle” applied in the European Union countries and to stop this project right now, since the global environmental risks haven’t been evaluated properly and to avoid the consequences that all of us will suffer.

•    We demand the Central Government to drive the sustainable development of Doñana and ratify the agreements from the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris to defend the citizens’ well-being and life quality.

•    We commit to inform the citizens about the values and natural wealth of Doñana, so we all together guarantee its conservation and that our heritage is never again in danger.

•    We commit to work with all the economic sectors and local groups from Comarca de Doñana (productive and commercial sector, social groups, etc…) to make Doñana an example in the world of natural wealth, life quality and sustainable development.

It’s time to Save Doñana

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